April 2020

KPS Newsletter

April 2020

Hi Everyone,

We hope you are keeping well. KPS is still operating, but from home for the duration of the lockdown. We will still respond to PIP and other benefits related requests and have done a few already, so if anything comes through, let us know. Please keep in touch. We like to know how you are doing.

We are pleased to say that KPS have been awarded a small but significant sum towards core funding by the Cornwall Community Foundation, for which we are extremely grateful.

Our very own “Office Anna” has taken up the challenge to raise funds for KPS and has, at the time of writing, managed to raise £369 in a few days. Go to her fundraising page to check out how she is doing. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/anna-scutt  There is also a link on the Facebook page.

We have upgraded this site to include a page on support available during the current situation and another to include your page: artwork, writing, poems, photographs of places people have been or things they have made and achievements you feel good about. They can be added anonymously or with a first name or full name. Up to you.  Some examples are on our Kernow Positive Support Facebook page.

We don’t know what the future may hold, but we know it has changed things for quite some time. Nevertheless, when guidance comes from the government, we would like to be ready with ideas to help clients connect, have days out or groups they would like to see happen. We would welcome any views from you. In Cornwall, we are hampered by the fact that the region is long and narrow, so accessibility is often a problem and pleasing everyone becomes a challenge, but we keep working on it.

Until we meet again, we hope being at home is not proving too onerous. If you are looking for some way to move the body and feel a bit ‘Zen’ what about this?

Qi-gong is described as a way to improve the flow of your qi, the vital life force. It is said immunity and increase energy. One tai chi teacher said, “If you can breathe, you can do it.” As far as we can understand it, Tai chi is a series of movements involving the whole body. Qi gong consists of movements for specific purpose, like improving breathing, for example. Why not take a look?

It’s adaptable for those of you with less good mobility., too. Do only the movements you can do seated. Try this site for freebies:  holdenqigong.com and scroll to the bottom. It claims to help with breathing and might be useful for long term support, too. Or try https://taiji-forum.com for their free videos. Or let us know any suggestions and tips you have.

The trustees and the team are working on ways to keep funds for KPS coming in and on raising our profile. We think we offer an important service in Cornwall and our clients seem to agree, so we look forward to being present for you and the medical staff at RCHT, who are still working so hard to make sure you get phone consultations and your medicines delivered. If you need advice or assistance you can still phone the clinic for medical assistance or contact KPS via Helen on 07410547042 or email helen@kpsdirect.com

All the best from the trustees and staff.


Photograph by Milton


Victoria Darlington, known as Vicki or Vix, leapt into this world as a massispirit, ready to experience all the fire of existence. An intelligent and loving woman, with a life that was full of colour, she always felt herself to more than just this body.

After she contracted HIV in her teenage years, however, she resigned herself to never becoming a mother, though it was something she had longed for. Filling her sense of loss by adventures, she freely admitted they were not always well thought-out, but she was a woman who wanted to experience life, even, as she said, the darker side.

She went to America, where she grabbed experiences of all kinds. She was open that her drug use did not help her health and often led to spontaneous decisions that crashed her through boundaries of self-protection. Eventually, she hit rock bottom with no money and set off to Mexico, where she made life-long connections. There was something unquenchable about her spirit and she emerged like a battle-scarred warrior to return to the UK and to find her home in Cornwall. Vicki and her mum settled in Truro, where Vicki’s health declined, but she still made a last, valiant trip to Mexico, where she stayed in the hope that shamanic healing sessions with Kambo might strengthen her system. It was not to be, but she gained yet another adventure and, by accounts, gave wise counsel to another woman there.  Her health meant she had to return early. As she found the travel difficult, her mum bought a return ticket for Helen, the Support Worker, to fly up to Gatwick and bring our Warrior Queen home.

Vicki’s health and her pain continued to overwhelm her physical strength, but her spirit was indomitable. She continued to keep her journals, which she had written for many years, read her books if she could, attempt to study poetry and create though art and craft. She had a fundamental and unwavering conviction that she was connected to a universal creative source and that, though her body became a burden, she was far more than her physical self.

She stayed in a body she wanted to leave because of love. Her great love and care for the well-being of her mother sustained her, but, eventually, she was unable to inhabit the restrictions placed on her anymore.

It is with deep sadness that we say goodbye, but with honour and gratitude that we were able to call her a friend.