Fundraising raffle with a twist!

KPS staff member Jacque and her wonderful daughter Jodie are doing a fundraising event for us on 27th September.
They’ve raised £125 so far 🙏🏻
once we reach £150 another prize will be donated and popped in the draw and so it goes on….
The prizes so far…….
❤️1st prize – 60 Minute Treatment at the Cowshed Spa in the St Moritz Hotel worth up to the value of £110
(To be redeemed by February 2021)
❤️2nd Prize – Eden project family day pass
(Date to be used by tbc )
❤️3rd Prize – Body Shop eye palette donated by Jodie
The more they raise …the more prizes will be added
This will run until 25th September….
…..But the Twist…. water + balloons!!!!
Yes that’s right…
You’re buying water balloons to be thrown at Jacque & her daughter, who is gamely getting in on the act! 💦💦💦💦💦
They will be soaked by their lovely family
… the balloons will be filled with cold water……❤️ Jacque begged for warm water but was overruled! 
£3 = 5 Balloons
£5 = 10 balloons (& names)
£8 = 15 balloons ( & names)
£15 = 30 balloons (& names)
Every £5 worth of balloons donated by you ….your name will be entered in to the bowl 5 times…and so on……..
No payment needed until the 25th September
To buy balloons and watch the LIVE EVENT you will need to join Jodie’s group on Facebook here. You can always quit the group afterwards – Jodie won’t be offended!
The BALLOON SOAK will be
LIVE SUNDAY afternoon on 27th September !!!!! And last name standing Draw…. for prizes LIVE on MONDAY 28th September at 8:30pm