It’s National Picnic Week!

As the weather seems finally to be picking up, I thought I’d let you all know it’s National Picnic Week. (Well, I ate a takeaway pizza out of the box while sitting on my living room floor yesterday, does that count?)

It’s also Speak Cornish Week. I learned yesterday that the Cornish dialect word ‘kroust’, traditionally used for a snack or pasty-lunch that tin miners would take down the mines with them, is used now by Cornish language speakers to translate the word picnic. Two great reasons for a pasty and a cream tea in the garden!

Do send your pictures to us, we would love to see your picnic, inside or outside, and we’ll post them on the blog this week.

(As always, you can be anonymous – you don’t have to be in the photo; we’re just as happy to see pictures of your picnic!)