Meaning of my time


I often feel like I’m drifting

With this world and its effects.

And I truly wonder

Was I really blessed?


I struggle through days of hard

Desperately trying to understand

The many trials I’ve been through

Of this life I’ve had


Often I go through this daily grind

Trying to be confident and strong

But I feel isolated and alone

Understanding where I belong.


It’s often so hard to find

Just to think and guess

Searching to investigate

This life I will confess.


Somewhere deeper there must be

A meaning to my life.

Searching to make a difference

To stop all this strife.


I feel there is a meaning

Hidden to be found.

A greater being waiting.

I care not to hang around.


It forever taunts me

That it’s out of sight.

Misty, foggy and out of reach

The darkness hides the light.


I visualise a clearer picture

To what’s waiting for me there.

Is it just an illusion,

That great wide open air?


Maybe I’m just trying too hard

To make sense of it all.

Will I truly ever know

If I’m heading for a fall?


Each day that has passed

Gets harder every day.

I wonder if it’s just me

And is there any end?


Will it leave those broken

That would be left behind?

Searching their souls over

The meaning of my time.


By Nigel