HIV Awareness Training – Medical Professionals in Cornwall

Our awareness trainers are more than happy to come to your practice. We are flexible in our approach to session delivery; we can tailor the training to your practice’s requirements, including duration of the session: 20 mins, an hour, or anywhere in between; it’s up to you.

Below is a list of topics we cover in the session. Please advise us if you would like another topic covered.

  • What HIV is, what it does and how it affects the body.
  • The medication available and how it interacts with the virus.
  • Rates of transmission, routes of transmission, how the virus survives outside the body and for how long.
  • Prevention: PEP, PrEP, is there a cure? Progress with a vaccine.
  • Where to refer patients on, where to get more information
  • Q&A

As we receive no statutory funding, we charge for this service. Please email us for prices.

To book your training session, please email us, or phone 01872 258453.