More scam alerts

DPD Scam
People are receiving emails from DPD, who are well known couriers, stating that they had attempted to deliver a package but could get no reply, and had not left it. In order to arrange a further delivery they are instructed to click on a link to arrange for the package to be re-delivered. However when you click on the link you are advised there would be a delivery charge of £2.99 and to complete the information requested i.e. your credit card number. Even though this email looks genuine, it isn’t and you should phone DPD direct should you receive this email.
People are receiving emails allegedly from ‘Amazon’ to say that £79.99 had been taken from their account to pay for a subscription to Amazon Prime, and if they wished to cancel and get a refund to press a particular key to and start refund procedure. Then they will ask for your bank details to make the ‘refund’ which they would then debit your account. Amazon have confirmed to the Police that they do not make telephone calls or send out emails of this nature. So please ignore these calls and emails should you receive one and always phone the company direct should you want to check.
People have received calls allegedly from the ‘NHS’ advising you have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 and to get an immediate test posted to your door by them, which will cost you £50. An NHS Test would of course be free and this is a scam. Please do not give them any details.
BT Scam
We have heard from many people now about the ‘BT Phishing Scam’ whereby fraudsters are repeatedly calling landlines and playing an automated message. They are claiming to be BT and informing the call recipient that they have an unpaid bill, and to press 1 to go through to a call advisor. As soon as you press 1 you WILL be charged. If you receive one of these calls, BT would like to be informed to help them fight against these opportunists. You can report these calls here.

Internet Scam

One of the KPS staff has also received what appears to be a scam call claiming to be from ‘your internet provider’ (they do not give the name of your provider) It says your internet connection will be cut off within 24 hours because of illegal activity on your internet. The message tells you to ‘Press 1 to speak to our CEO’. We believe that had our staff member ‘pressed 1’ she would have been charged.