HIV Awareness Training – Schools & Colleges

Our free HIV awareness training sessions normally last one hour and are suitable for year 9 and up.

We are flexible in our approach to session delivery; we have delivered the training to groups ranging from individual classes to whole-school assemblies, from single lessons to five consecutive sessions in a day. We are more than happy to discuss your school’s or college’s needs.

The session covers the following areas:

  • A general overview of students’ understanding of what HIV and AIDS are
  • The specific definitions of HIV and AIDS
  • Information about viruses, the immune system, and how treatment for HIV works
  • Some facts and figures about its prevalence in the world / UK / Cornwall
  • Some information on the importance of safer sex including some statistics on STIs and young people
  • Quizzes on figures and routes of transmission for HIV
  • Information on how you can catch HIV and how you can’t
  • Contraception, Post- and Pre Exposure Prophylaxis

Some of our volunteers are also happy to talk about their personal experiences.

Tech-wise, all we need is a computer able to take a flashdrive and to project our Powerpoint presentation.

The sessions are free, all we ask is a donation to the volunteer’s travel expenses.

To book an awareness session for your school or college, email us or call 01872 258453.