David is our founding Trustee. After the dissolution of the Bethany Trust (Bodmin), and the closure of the Cornwall AIDS Council, Kernow Positive Support was established in 2004 to effect and develop HIV support services within Cornwall. David has been responsible for all aspects of managing and running the charity. His vast knowledge of the services available to those living with, or affected by, HIV is a great asset.



Anthony was appointed as a Trustee in 2017. Prior to this, he was our Office Manager. He worked closely with Anna (Administrator) in the day-to-day running of KPS. His vast overall knowledge is of benefit to help ensure the success of the charity.

Now retired, Anthony spends a lot his time fostering children and giving them the support they need. Anthony enjoys this rewarding role whilst spending time with this friends and family. He also has a mobile home in Spain which he visits often as he can.



Sheila has been a Trustee since 2017 when she retired from her role at the RCHT Treliske GU Clinic as a Specialist HIV Social Worker. Sheila gets much satisfaction from volunteering her time. KPS gains a wealth of knowledge and support from Sheila, and our clients enjoy the warm welcome they receive and the additional support she offers to the clinic.

Away from Kernow Positive Support, Sheila enjoys socialising with friends and family and attends a local gym to maintain a healthy lifestyle.



Sue has been a Trustee at Kernow Positive Support since 2008 when she retired. Through Sue’s life experiences and involvement with various voluntary groups in Cornwall, she offers a huge amount of information and expertise.

Being a qualified teacher, Sue works closely with Anna (Administrator) on our HIV Awareness training. She is also a great help in securing funds for the charity.

Although Sue is retired, she is extremely busy outside KPS. She is involved with various charities and committees and dedicates her time to helping others and encouraging change. To relax in the summer, Sue can often be found in her beach hut immersed in a good book.



Max has been a Trustee at Kernow Positive Support since 2004. His main responsibility is the delivery of HIV Awareness Workshops to schools and colleges throughout Cornwall. His larger-than-life personality is a huge benefit when connecting with young people. We regularly receive feedback from schools and colleges which results in Max returning to deliver the workshops the following year.

Max is also very useful in the office dealing with any technology issues or queries we may have.

During his spare time, Max enjoys spending quality time with his friends and family. He is also an active member in his local community and church.


Ruth is our newest Trustee, having been appointed in 2019. As a serving civil servant, Ruth supports KPS by volunteering her time and skills such as communication, partnership development, and fund-raising, to assist with the day-to-day running, and longer term plans, of the charity.

Outside of KPS, Ruth is passionate about climate change, nature and animals – and is a member of the Vegan Society. She is happiest surrounded by her sisters and cats, and on rare days off can usually be found at a local coffee shop with a coffee and slice of cake!